OM Payroll

After spending over 15 years entering clients’ payroll reports into QuickBooks, we found that the larger payroll service companies were unable to deliver the personal touch that has been the focal point of our success. It is our pleasure to bring you better, less expensive payroll solutions that are tailored to your needs. With OM Payroll, these are the benefits that you will receive.

  • Customized pay categories by department (i.e. management, admin, etc.)
  • Direct deposit or physical checks, whichever your employees prefer
  • Easy to read payroll reports on one-page detail
  • Online entry – enter your payroll anywhere, anytime (Or call your assigned payroll specialist)
  • Filings of Federal, State and Local tax forms (941, NYS-45, W2, etc.)
  • Timely payment of Federal, State and Local taxes
  • One representative to handle both your payroll and bookkeeping needs
  • Our Payroll Solution is in-house; we do not outsource to another payroll company we are a full service payroll bureau
  • All of this at a fraction of the cost of the larger bureaus!