Who We Are

Organized Momentum (OM) brings a uniquely personal, yet comprehensive approach to the world of bookkeeping and back office management. OM is a private outsourcing firm that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals develop organization, efficiency and maintenance in their daily operations. OM prides itself on providing its clients with extensive financial expertise, structure and an economical alternative to full-time salaried employees.

OM specializes in bookkeeping and back office management for entrepreneurial companies that are trying to grow. OM tailors customized solutions to its clients' needs so that they can remain focused on their business. OM aims to serve its clients in a manner that fosters an exchange of information and growth, so that OM can be both a complement and an asset to their clients' businesses.

The staff at OM believes that infrastructure is fundamental to the success of the client's business and provides professional and permanent help on a part-time basis to assist the client in achieving this goal. Because the staff is detail-oriented, energetic and committed, they work hard to give their clients a feeling of partnership and that any task is worth the challenge if it will assist their clients in getting the job done. These qualities have molded OM's reputation and helped to distinguish it from other bookkeeping companies.

OM opened for business in 1995, with the New York City dining hot spot Blue Ribbon as its first client. OM's client roster has grown very quickly over the past fifteen years mainly as the result of referrals. Its impressive client roster includes over 200 small and medium sized businesses in the greater new york city area.